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Outreach for the Seals

Spreading the Word About the Seal Hunt through Direct Outreach

Harpseals.org educates thousands of individuals about the seal hunt and actions they can take to end it through direct outreach activities, such as hosting information tables at festivals, parks, conferences, and pedestrian malls; speaking at schools, meetings, and conferences; organizing and promoting protests, rallies, and demonstrations; and distributing leaflets at stores and restaurants and to seal activists across the globe.


Information Booths and Tables

Harpseals.org at AR 2004 Conference
Harpseals.org at AR 2004 Conference

Harpseals.org has been staffing tables at festivals, conferences, and other venues around the country since July 2004. A few of the fun events at which we have hosted information booths are the Howl'oween Dog Parade and Fair in Belmont Shores, CA, the Orange County (CA) Street Fair, and the Ocean County Fair (NJ). Our tabling events are always rewarding in many ways. By staffing these tables, we are able to speak to individuals at length, answering their questions and explaining in detail what is happening to the seals, why it is still going on, what individuals and organizations are doing to end the seal hunt, and how they can join us.

At these tables, we also make great contacts, often meeting teachers who invite us to speak to their students about the seal hunt. As a result of these contacts, we have educated thousands of students and inspired many to get involved in the seal campaign.

Harpseals.org Info Booth at Tallships Festival
Harpseals.org information booth at Tallships Festival in California

The kids we meet at these events are often the most profoundly affected by their new knowledge and go on to become ardent seal activists. They help to raise awareness, circulate petitions, and organize events and fundraisers for the seal campaign.

Harpseals.org works with seal activists all over the globe to help them set up information booths. We have supplied banners and posters, leaflets, flyers, and other materials to distribute, and funding to cover the booth fees. We also help promote these events and find volunteers to staff the tables. Contact us for help in setting up an information booth. Visit our Toolbox for oureach materials and resources.




Protests and Rallies

Red Lobster Protest - Hollywood, FL
Harpseals.org protest at Red Lobster, Hollywood, FL

Harpseals.org organizes protests and rallies against the seal hunt and helps other organizations organize and promote their events. These protests take place at Canadian consulates and embassies, Red Lobster restaurants and other restaurants and supermarkets that sell Canadian seafood, and other busy locations.

Seal activists from around the world have taken to the streets to tell Canada to end the annual massacre of baby seals and to tell all those who support the Canadian seal hunt, including those who purchase Canadian seafood, that their business will suffer as long as they support this atrocity. In recent years, protests and rallies have taken place in New York, NY, Washington, D.C., London, England, Paris, France, Rome, Italy, Dublin, Ireland, Zagreb, Croatia, and dozens of other cities.

In 2009, many walks and marches, rallies, and protests were organized for the International Day of Action for the Seals - and beyond. Read more about these events here. In 2010, events are being organized as well. Very soon, Harpseals.org will provide an application to enable activists to find events, advertise events, and sign up to join events. In the meantime, here is a partial list of events already planned for 2010.

Collage of Harp Seal Hunt ProtestsMany protests feature actions and individuals that garner media attention. One protest in Los Angeles featured celebrities, including Martin Sheen, and a presentation to the Canadian Consul General. Another protest, in Miami, FL, involved street theater with a seal costume and was shown on the evening news. Some protesters have brought seal dolls with fake blood to the demonstrations, and one well known organization featured nude individuals draped only in a bloody Canadian flag.

Harpseals.org supports and promotes protests and rallies around the world by supplying images for posters, banner designs, printed posters, leaflets, sample press releases, and other resources in our Toolbox. We also feature events on our web site and send out alerts to our Seal Action Team.

Contact us for help in organizing your protest or rally, and be sure to contact your local media. Visit our Links page to find organizations in your area that sponsor seal hunt protests.





Raggedy Jacket Harp Seal Pup
Raggedy jacket harp seal pup. (c) IFAW

Harpseals.org has a Harp Seal Lesson Kit for teachers that includes our PowerPoint presentation. We have given this presentation to students in dozens of schools, from elementary schools to universities. With this presentation, we have educated thousands of students about seals, the seal hunt, the effects of global warming on the seals, and what students can do to help.

We have also given this presentation to religious and civic groups, including the Interfaith Coalition for the Environment, at their meetings and conferences. As religious groups take a greater interest in environmental and animal protection issues, we see more and more opportunities to educate caring people about the seals.

We provide this presentation and other materials that make up the Harp Seal Lesson Kit in our Toolbox. When giving this presentation, we usually show a short HSUS video along with it. Please contact us for a copy of this video.

We encourage teachers to make use of the Harp Seal Lesson Kit in their classrooms. For teachers, we provide homework and study questions to supplement the presentation.



Internet and Broadcast Interviews

WFL - Internet Streaming AudioHarpseals.org jumps at the opportunity to talk about the seals on radio, TV, and web streams. We have been interviewed on Miami's Jefferson-Pilot radio station, 101.5 LITE FM, WBFS-TV Channel 33, and more.

Listen to Harpseals.org founder Ian Robichaud's interview about the seal hunt on WFL internet audio stream! During this interview, he provided updates on the European efforts to ban seal imports and the boycott of Canadian seafood. Please help spread the word about the seals by linking to this stream.





Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Distribution at the Deering Seafood FestivalHanding out leaflets to concert-goers, fair attendees, restaurant-goers, and shoppers is an excellent way to spread the word about the seals. In distributing leaflets at busy events, seal activists can educate a thousand individuals in just a few hours.

Harpseals.org distributes leaflets at seafood festivals, Red Lobster restaurants, and other locations where we can educate seafood eaters about the Canadian seafood boycott. These events require minimal planning and just a few activists to be effective. We supply leaflets to activists at no charge. Visit our Toolbox to see our leaflets and to order them.




Press Releases

Harpseals.org sends out press releases to spread the word about major events and campaigns. When they are picked up by the mass media, we reach thousands to millions of people with only minor expenditures.

You can help by linking to our press releases on your social media pages.

Here are some of the latest press releases:


NOAA Busts Harp Seal Oil Smuggling Operation by Los Angeles County Company



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