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Independent Projects for the Harp Seals

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Browse, get inspired, and do your own magic for the seals. Send us your contribution.


Games and Apps for Seals


Seals Hero

Seals HeroKelvin Dobell with his company, Maiko Enterprises, has created a video game for iPhones and iPads called Seals Hero.

"Your mission is to save seals from the seal hunters. You will control Cid a smart and energetic animal rights activist. He hates violence; that’s why he fights with his speed, intelligence and paint. You’ll face the hassle of wild polar bears, wolfs and other obstacles to challenge you on your quest, but those certainly aren’t the worst troubles. The real difficulties involve a limited time to save as many seals as you can. Find tools like a husky sledge and climbing tools to help you on your mission to save as many seals as possible."

Download the game from iTunes here.



Videos for Seals by Seal Activists Around the World


Stop the Seal Slaughter Animation

Becki Wilson, a university student from the UK, created this beautiful 3.75 minute animation as a class project. You'll enjoy the antics of the harp seal pup and learn how you can help these seals. Please forward the link to your friends!




Vegan Vixen Seal Hero Video

This 6 minute video is creative, sassy, funny, and very educational. Click here or below to watch it on YouTube, and forward the link to a friend.





Musical Slide Show by Seal Activist Bilyana

Set to the music, "We are the World," Bilyana created a moving tribute to the seals. With lots of information on the seal "hunt," you can educate your friends about this tragedy by forwarding this link to them.








Music for Seals

Song and Slide Show for Canada's Harp Seals

A rock ballad sung by Lora Lee Ecobelli. Produced by Alice Bruckenstein and Stephen Greenfeld, you'll want to share this emotional song and slide show with your friends. Click on one of the images below to watch this YouTube-hosted music video. Audio production by N.S. 'Buck' Brundage ASCAP, Couch Creative Services, Inc.. Recorded at SBR Studios, Brewster, NY. Mixed by N.S. 'Buck' Brundage ASCAP, Couch Creative Services, Inc.. Mastered by Phil Magnotti, Silvermine Studios, Norwalk, CT.

The first linked image below is for the video without graphic images. The video was flagged by a viewer as 'disturbing' and thus could only be viewed after logging in. The second video below is this original video.

To complain to YouTube about this censorship, you can sign this petition.





With graphic images:







Maria Daines

They Wanna Kill

A rock song by Maria Daines

Maria Daines Band is a hard-working no nonsense rock band playing original material written by Maria & guitarist Paul Killington. Hailing from Cambridgeshire, UK, the band has received numerous awards, including IOMA Artist of the Year 2007, DMUSIC Best Female Vocalist 2006, and Golden Kayak Award for Best Country Song 2006. Maria cares deeply about animal issues and has written a strong, hard-hitting song in support of all hunted seals everywhere.




Skinned Alive Song

Skinned Alive

A Song for Seals and All Other Animals Killed for Fur A rock song from the International Anti-Fur Coalition. Click here to listen to this inspiring song.






Sumo for Seals

Sumo for Seals"Sumo Wrestling" Competition organized by Jaclyn Rosen and the S.A.V.E. Club at PJ Gelinas Junior High School in Setauket, NY. Teachers dressed up in Sumo wrestling costumes and wrestled to raise money for the seal campaign. They also obtained hundreds of signatures on petitions to the Canadian governments.




Sealmobile Caravan

Sealmobile CaravanImagine seeing a dozen cars, decked out in anti-seal hunt messages and pictures, driving down the highway together. A Sealmobile Caravan is not only a great way to expose hundreds or thousands of drivers to the issue, it's also an event the mass media will cover. Anthony Marr and activists in Dallas, TX, organized a Sealmobile Caravan to Houston, TX, and helped educate tens of thousands of people about the seals. Their long distance caravan represented the number of seals killed in one year in terms of the distance they would cover, lined up nose to hind flippers.

This type of event is not too hard to organize and can be done in many different ways. Consider making a white car, for example, a VW Beetle, look like a harp seal pup. Seal activists can also paint messages on their cars with washable Window Chalk (available at party supply and office supply stores). Window decals can be printed on home printers using designs in our Toolbox.

The Sealmobile Caravan can make stops at Red Lobster restaurants and other restaurants and supermarkets where Canadian seafood is sold. It can go to the Canadian Consulate and Canadian airlines offices, too. It can also be organized like a funeral procession. One car can be or look like a hearse and have a coffin with a seal doll in it. The procession can stop at a park, and the participants can hold a mock funeral for the seals.

If you are planning a Sealmobile Caravan, be sure to contact your local media and send Harpseals.org photos of your event. Our Toolbox has sample press releases, and you can contact us for further assistance.



Bake Sale for Seals

Conor Higgins, a 6th grade student at Kamehameha Schools on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii, was concerned about local killings of endangered Monk seals in Hawaii, and wanted to bring awareness to the killing of harp seals in Canada, too. So he took the opportunity of the school service day on March 29, 2013, to organize a bake sale for the seals, complete with a poster full of photos of harp seals and Harpseals.org leaflets. Watch his slide show below.

Bake sale - Conor for Harp Seals - Hawaii

Kizoa slideshow: Conor Service Project Save the Harp Seals 2013



Graphics, Print, and Art Projects for the Seals

Seal Hunt Diorama

by Jared Moran, 2nd grader

Jared's seal 'hunt' diorama
Jared's seal 'hunt' diorama



Seal Hunt Cartoon

by Nik Scott

Seal Hunt Cartoon
















Stop Killing Babies Ad

Stop Killing Babies Ad Concept

Stop Killing Babies - We are All Gifts of Nature. A Graphic for the Harp Seals by Jane Halevy of Israel.













Sidewalk Ad with Poem for the Harp Seals

This sidewalk advertisement was posted by Defne Voronin of Istanbul, Turkey. The poem was written by Mr. Sureyya Berfe and was published in his book Seals Told, I Wrote.

Harp Seal Sidewalk Ad in Turkey


Siz değil
Biz yaşadıkça
Temiz kalır. Bebeğimiz ölüyor
Yaz ortasında kış
Sizin çocuklarınız
Taş sektirir
Geçen gün
Mezarlığınızı gördüm
Neden yanyana
Sizin toprağınız
Bizim toprağımızdan
Daha zengin
“Şöyle bir bakayım” dedim
balık ağlarına
üstüm başım
kan içinde kaldı



English Translation:

Seals Told, I Wrote

Seas can only
be kept clean,
As long as we live!
Not you human being.
Our babies are dying.
Winter! in the middle of Summer. Your children
Hops pebbles on the sea
Hops their tears. Days ago,
I saw your cemetery.
Why your deceased ones
Abutted side by side? You are right.
Your land is richer
Than ours! “Lets look in to the
fishing nets”
I said.
All my raiment
Covered by blood.



Bruce with Seal Billboard

Please Save Me Harp Seal Billboard

Seal activist Bruce Foerster or Canada put up this billboard in British Columbia, Canada.






Petitions to End the Seal Hunt

Many seal activists have started online petitions over the years. A quick search will bring up dozens.

Here are a couple of the most recent ones:

Petition to ask South Africa to ban trade in seal product. (This country is involved in the trade of seal products from the Namibian Cape fur seal massacre.)

Petition to Namibia to stop the Cape fur seal slaughter.


Petition to End Seal Hunt







Poetry for the Seals


Harp Seal Pup
Young harp seal pup (c) Sea Shepherd

The Arrival

by Keely Sinclair – Choctaw/Blackfoot

It is a beautiful clear day
The sun shines down on the anticipation of your arrival
Any second you will come
You will come with a beauty and innocence that cannot be surpassed
The vast landscape looks like thousands of melted marshmallows
Brown images are scattered along the cold folds and slick reflections
You arrive and are loved in an instant
A large ball of billowy white cotton
Eyes so deep and dark they become mirrors
A reflection of your sweetness emanates across the sky
You look up as a shadow comes over you…
Has the sun gone away?
In the blink of an eye what once was white and pure
Is now dark and red like the fiery pits of hell
For the devil himself has called upon you today
Called upon you to decide your fate
Who gave the man beast this task?
To rip your soul from this place?
A spirit who just blew in with the North wind
He raises everything he hates about himself, all of his fears
Insecurities….Hopeless dreams…
He raises them to the sky
And then releases his rage on you
What madness screams and reigns across the skies
As you cry out in pain?
I pray to Divine Spirit
I pray to the Four Winds and the Four Directions…
I pray to the Stone People and the Ice People
Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon
Mother Earth and Father Sky…
Bless this small wonder for it cannot speak for itself
It has no voice
Help the Two-Legged to see past his own reflection in the mirror
So that when he awaits the anticipation of his new arrival
The Great Mystery will have mercy on his broken soul.
Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related – Lakota Sioux)
This poem is dedicated to the baby seals that
needlessly die by the hands of man….



Sealing Aftermath
Sealing - the aftermath. (c) IFAW

Red Newspaper

by Diana Moreton (2006)

Black eye, albescent fur, ice Dalmatian
Moistened from bullies beating batons
Red streams stain pristine boreal crystals
Man on the moon resents infanticide
Silvery child embodies vulnerability
ephemeral pup dies by venatic blow
surrender your diminutive coat sewn tight
red the bloody newspaper then yet, A?
Virgin fur for fun, glamorous glory
Round eye incubus tells chilling story
Ripped, unzipped on cold crisp coward-ice
Babes born bewildered by bastards blow
Small sugar cup stained streamer red
Next venal batter up on Canadian floe
“Red newspaper“, Mama seal’s woe
Maricolous murder of marble eye doe.


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