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Volunteer Opportunities

Adult Harp SealHarpseals.org needs YOU to end the seal hunt now!

With your help, we'll end the seal "hunt" forever.

Many seal activists have organized events and created projects on their own. We salute your efforts. Here are some of these independent seal projects.

Here are projects completed by seal activists for our Video Uproar Contest of 2014.

For inspiration, here are some celebrities who have taken a stand against the seal hunt in Canada and/or the seal slaughter in Namibia.

We also need vigilant seal activists to be on the lookout for smuggled seal products. We are aware of several cases of seal oil and fur products that are being smuggled into and sold in the United States. We are actively working on this issue. If you see any seal contraband, please take action.

Harpseals.org needs activists at various levels of commitment. Below are volunteer positions that we are seeking to fill. Almost all positions can be performed from anywhere in the U.S., unless otherwise noted.


Ongoing Positions

Financial Officer:

We are looking for a new financial officer for Harpseals.org. Please inquire if you would like to take on a leadership position. These are volunteer positions.

YouTube Coordinator:

We are also looking for a self-directed seal activist to improve our YouTube channel. If you are familiar with setting up corporate YouTube accounts and are interested in helping Harpseals.org, please contact us.

Newfoundland Outreach Coordinator and Activists:

We are looking for Newfoundland residents, especially those who have a background in marine science or fishery science to do outreach in Newfoundland. Residents of Newfoundland have been subjected to seal hunt propaganda for decades. It's time to spread the truth about seals and sealing. If you have a gift for gab and knowledge of the issues, please contact us.

Legal Counsel:

From time to time, we need answers to legal questions. If you are an attorney who is willing to answer our questions and provide advice pro bono, please contact us.

Fundraising Director:

We are looking for an experienced individual to help with fundraising for key campaigns. This may involve crowdsourcing or other new methods of raising funds. If you are interested, please contact us.

Kids4Seals Project Organizers:

If you have a knack for getting kids revved up about volunteering, if you're creative and have a good understanding of kids ages 8-18, you can be a seal superhero! As a Project Organizer, you can work with kids in your school, neighborhood, scouting troup, church, or other group tol develop great projects for kids. If you are interested, please email us.

Boycott Recruiters:

We need great salespeople for these crucial volunteer positions. Boycott Recruiters go to restaurants and talk to the chefs and managers, asking them to avoid Canadian seafood and join the boycott. We have a Boycott Recruitment Kit which provides guidance and resources for recruiters. This is a great way to contribute to stopping the seal slaughter. If you are interested in being a Restaurant Recruiter, please contact us.

Outreach Coordinators:

We are looking for outgoing seal activists to organize or participate in outreach events in their cities. These volunteers will look for tabling opportunities in their regions and set up information booths at festivals, department stores, flea markets, and other venues. If your community has animal-oriented, environmental, or seafood festivals each year, you have a great opportunity to spread the word about the seals and how people can help. We will help you find others in your area to staff the booth. We will also provide materials and pay for all associated costs. Outreach coordinators should also look for opportunities to speak at schools and civic group meetings. If you are intersted, please contact us.


We are looking for people to be on alert to articles on seals and sealing in newspapers and magazines and on internet news sites. It's important to respond to these articles, both with comments and formal letters to editors. We will guide you and edit or proofread your writing.If you are interested, please email us.



Short-term Projects

Graphic Artist:

We are looking for a graphic artist to help with an updated version of our leaflet. Please contact us if you can help.

Ad Creator

If you have knowledge and experience in advertising and marketing and would like to help us develop ads for our seal saving campaigns, please contact us.

School Presenters:

Present information or lessons on the harp seal slaughter to students and civic groups. We'll supply the materials, you supply a strong delivery. You can do this once or hundreds of times, as your schedule allows. Contact schools and organizations like rotary clubs and local Sierra club chapters and arrange your own speaking engagements in your neighborhood. If you're a good speaker, please sign up now! If you are a teacher and would like to present these lessons to your students, please order them today (free, of course!) Interested? Email us.



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